Coto premios

How a work is reflected in its materiality?
Do you believe art can assume a social function?MPC: Down to Earth comes from the observation of life in cities and the relationship between el mejor regalo de un hijo a su madre nature and the urban environment.STV noticias coto brus enduro CTP santa elena.In the favela side I worked with a group of young talented people to whom the society closed the doors to opportunities.It does not involve nor value the idea of monetary compensationrather, it is concerned with a democratic and subtle conferral of approval, giving fresh air to the collective endeavor and making space for shared imaginings.I do believe galleries are great meeting points for the arts although, they should not be the only ones.The walls that separate the favela from the financial area were right there.It can sound drastic, but that is because it is a hard challenging reality we are facing.Lisbon is a lively city showing to me a strong personality, kind of sharp, but in some way warm and homelike.I have to admit I like to see movement around me, to feel that there are many things going.I wonder how the places you live in influence your artwork, and more specifically, what are your feelings about Lisbon?

I want my work to generate questions and to promote proactive citizens.Governments also, since artistic media has been constantly used during wars.Everywhere subtle squares with different tones from the original color are painted on the walls.ZRT: Can you introduce us the project you are working at?This award, more imaginative than lucrative, is conceived as a tribute in the form of an open-ended opportunityalmost a way of directing the winners inspirations: giving him/her a chance to generate a published project concerning whatever artistic or intellectual trajectory, impulse, or witticism the winner.En un momento en el que escasean las figuras a seguir, en el que los responsables y los líderes de los ámbitos culturales y políticos se convierten en ídolos enamorados de sí mismos que despliegan su ambición sobre su propio coto de poder, el Premio.Can you explain the reasons of this approach?The Catholic Church understood this very well in the past.My way of working is a constant experimentation.My time in Lisbon, although short, is resulting in a stimulating and enriching period for the work I am developing.Están situados en viejos edificios reformados, en últimas plantas con vistas espectaculares, en entornos naturales privilegiados.
Lets just think back to what happened a short time ago to the Charlie Hebdo French illustrators.
No just some people on the outskirts, there are whole countries being continuously battered as well as rainforest devastated to keep a system based on inequality, killing the future of Humanity.