Gan craft jointed claw

Type: 15-SS Slow Sinking.
Judging by out of the box inspections, there's little I've seen in my countless number of these baits to doubt this claim.Wait until you see the big one!Jointed Claw Magnum Salt Custom.The slow sinking codigo promocional knockaround version of this bait descends with a slight nose down attitude (more pronounced in the 230 size).Aims x Gan Craft.Speed up your retrieve then stop, and the bait will kick off to the side and sometimes perform a little top to bottom roll, before sitting upright again with that very slight nose down attitude as it sinks in the water column somewhere around one.The GanCraft Jointed Claw was a very poorly kept secret.Origin, made in Japan, model, length.75" 7" 9 weight.5 oz 2 oz.I fish the Jointed Claw 178 on any heavy to extra heavy rated bass rod including light powered swimbait sticks and heavy duty cranking rods.Fishing is a past time that's supposed to help you escape that dog eat dog world, but really it's no different.Weight is.Gan Craft Jointed Claw 178 15-SS Slow Sinking special color #K-01 Hasu.00.The Jointed Claw, like most of its competitors features a replaceable soft plastic tail.
Performance: The most popular size of this bait is the 178.
Introduction: The desire, drive, and determination to find an edge that allows you stay ahead of your competition is the new American way.

Don't Tell Anyone But Have You.This bait is available in a host of different colors both from stores in the United States that carry the bait and overseas sources accessible online.Quality Ratings for GanCraft Jointed Claw Finish (1-5) Detailing regalar vino bueno (1-5) Hardware (1-5) Craftsmanship (1-5) Total Possible cuenta de mmg con regalador de pasaporte Rating ( Tot/Pos * 10 ) Here's a look at the Jointed Claw 230 178 in action!I also have hooks for it that will ship together.The very fact that knowledge of said product is forbidden is what drives up values as anglers scramble to hoard every last available item in an effort to keep their "secret" bait just that - a secret.Buy It Now, these are amazing lures, as much art as they are a lure.Sink Rates, f / SS, f / SS, f /.This story started several years ago with a very hushed, "ssshhhhh, don't tell anyone about this bait but.".There's just something about baits that originate from Japan that are taken to another level in everything from craftsmanship to detailing to the bait's finish.Gan craft jointed claw 303 - swimbait - glide bait 200.00 0 bids gan craft jointed claw 303: measuring just under 12 and.Buy It Now, free Shipping, color: #K-01 Hasu.

It's difficult to say when this next product came to discreet prominence, but in the last four or five years, it's been one of the worst kept secrets in bass fishing.
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