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Kunt u een hotelkamer voor me reserveren?
( agree) sagen wir 7 Uhr?; lets make it Monday sagen wir Montag Cards ( fulfil contract ) erfüllen ; ( win) trick machen ; ( shuffle) pack mischen?
Make for to dia choclo envuelto para regalo go towards.
To make or break sth/sb the weather will make or break the parade der Festzug steht und fällt mit dem Wetter que porcentaje de isr se descuenta al trabajador ; he can make or break you er hat dein Schicksal in der Hand be, constitute sein, machen, (ab) geben ; he made.To make like (inf) so tun, als ob; he made like he was dying er tat so, als ob er am Sterben wäre, er markierte (inf) or spielte den Sterbenden ; hes started making like a big-shot er hat angefangen, den starken Mann zu spielen.( settle, dispute ) mettere fine a to make it up with sb far la pace con.See also ill A1 see also sick A2 see also unhappy 1 to make sth/sb into sth convertir algo/a algn en algo we made the guest room into a study convertimos la habitación de los invitados en estudio they have made him into a cult.( equal ) two and two make four dos y dos son cuatro this one makes 20 con éste son or hacen 20 how much does that make (altogether)?Wie kann ich es Ihnen verständlich machen?; that certainly made him think again das hat ihm bestimmt zu denken gegeben ; what will make you change your mind?Da que pensar no?
To make it time, date, figure what time do you make it?

Foto: Magetankota, una de las cosas que más lamento es no haber desarrollado un poco de experiencia como emprendedora cuando adolescente.Können Sie ein Hotel für mich buchen?I made it clear; You've made me very unhappy.We're making for home.He made (it into) the first team consiguió entrar en el primer equipo you've got the talent to make it con tu talento llegarás muy lejos to make it with sb ( sexually ) hacérselo con algn to make land ( Naut ) llegar.( create, prepare ) fire, bed, tea, will, remark, plan, suggestion hacer ; dress hacer, confeccionar ; shelter construir ; meal hacer, preparar ; record grabar ; film rodar ; ( manufacture ) tool, machine fabricar, hacer I'm going to make a cake voy.( place ) essere diretto /a a, avviarsi verso; ( subj, ship ) far rotta verso.Wie kommst du darauf?He made several attempts ( attempted several times They made a left turn ( turned left He made ( offered) a suggestion/proposal; Have you any comments to make?
To make as if to do sth Anstalten machen, etw zu tun ; (as deception) so tun, als wolle man etw tun?
( in set structures ) to make sb sth ( cause to be ) to make sb king hacer rey a algn he made her his wife la hizo su esposa they've made Owen secretary han nombrado secretario a Owen he made her a star.