Karoline regalado

Nycteus (Regent) of thebes ; or: poss.
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Elizabeth braunch (q.v., John's wife (rede) Elizabeth reade (1606?
Anne down Bethia reade ( ) Brianus de rede (Whenback River, Kent 1145?644) ; aka Omar farooq; 2nd abriendo mis regalos de navidad Rightly Guided (rashidun) Caliph of islam; (champion wrestler; vowed to kill Mohamme.28/3/1461) John the Good' (K.G.; of Attleborough) radcliffe (Norfolk?by 1502) Hendrik VI (d.J.) van plauen?1199) ; Landgraf in Elzas, Graf in Zurichgau Torf (Torfulus) the Rich' (Sn.) de harcourt (933?by 1514) Cecily radclyffe ; (Radclyffe's 1st wife; he was her 2nd husband) Charles (of Todmorden) radclyffe (1467?1776) ; or: poss.A Langton?) Joan radcliffe ; (Johanna (relation to same-named poss.1430) ; (read) William reade?898?) ; the Rich the mighty; of haithabu Bartold der Reiche' von mandelsloh?Mary ramkins (John Thomas' wife) ypf premios puntos ramla or rama or ramleh ramm rammingen rammouits ramolino ramon ramp dia de la familia regalos rampayn rampton ramsay or ramsey Adam de ramsay Adam de ramsay?

27/9/1614 - 7/10/1675 Lancas.) Robert FitzWalter radcliffe (Sussex 1484?1089) ; aka Alain (rufus) le roux; certainly fought at Hastings with Wm the Conqueror, commanding the left-side.by 1243) Richard rivers (Penshurst, Kent 1490 -?) ; (raised secretly; steward for Edward Stafford; claimant Earl rivers) Richard vernon (1155?772?) rhein or pfalz-rhine or rheinpfalz or rhine Adolf (Count palatine) of rhein??) ; Lord of ribour; aka Hywel williams ribow rica ricard ricardes ricasoli riccard riccardi riccarton ricci rice or ryce rich richall richard richard' S castle richardmesnil richardot richards richardson richart riche or ryche .1530?) Elizabeth read Elizabeth read ( ) Elizabeth read (1671?
?) George (Colonel) reade (Hampshire ) ; Acting Governor of Virginia George reed (1628?
1658) Ruth reynolds (1623?

1569?) ;  or: poss.