Placas y premios

placas y premios

Added a new closed-loop process for polypropylene to our existing recycling programs, enabling us to produce new inkjet cartridges entirely from material recycled by our customers.
Supply chain environmental impact We lead industry efforts to reduce GHG emissions, waste, and water withdrawal in regalo burger king agosto 2017 our supply chain.
PageWide Technology business printer HP OfficeJet Enterprise X offers a step-change in materials use, generating up to 94 less supplies and packaging waste than comparable laser printers3.
Starting with our Board of Directors, we embed sustainability throughout our strategy, policies, programs, and value chain.Hear Board members talk about sustainability.It is the right thing to do for our business, for society, and for the long-term future of our planet.View our materiality matrix and findings here.Emissions intensity of our product portfolio refers to tonnes CO2e/net revenue arising from use of our high-volume product lines, including notebooks, tablets, desktops, mobile computing devices, and workstations; inkjet and LaserJet printers; and all HP servers, including industry-standard servers, HP Moonshot, comprobar cupon once 15 de febrero and HP Apollo.By way of example, in 2014, HP helped lead efforts to develop the Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data Analysis, a groundbreaking initiative from the Information Accountability Foundation that has met with unheralded support from regulators, companies, and the privacy community.We conduct periodic materiality assessments, most recently in 2015, to assess fosas para regalar en el dia del niño priority issues for sustainable development and our business success.Regards, Dion Weisler President and Chief Executive Officer, HP Inc.

Para añadir/retirar un nombre de la lista de difusión, favor de enviar un courreo electrónico.Expressed as emissions generated per unit of output, based on anticipated usage.Makhutha Womens Safety, audit kzn Network on Violence Against Women, Ethekwini Municipality Safer Cities and Department for Community Security and Liaison, South Africa.At HP, were reinventing for a better world.Join the conversation "At HP, Sustainable Impact serves as a guiding principle for how we conduct business and create solutions that are changing the world.".Municipal Gender-Based Policies / Politiques municipalesintégrant l'approche de genre / Políticas municipales que integren el enfoque de género.Reduced GHG emissions from operations.5, decreased total waste.5, and cut water consumption.1 in 2014, compared to 2013.Find out more about our recent progress.For examples, see our Sustainability Report.View complete data and goals Disclaimer.These goals drive progress across our value chain, in areas where we can have the greatest impact in creating a sustainable future for people, businesses, and communities.

Through 2016, progress against this goal equaled a 19 decrease.
Safety Planning and Design for Public Spaces / Aménagement sécuritaire des lieux publics / Seguridad en la urbanización de lugares públicos.
Greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain result mainly from the raw materials used in, and manufacture of, our products.