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10 On September 15, 1910 the perro de ganado australiano monument to the Heroes of Independence was inaugurated, in the "Plaza Colón" in front of the railway station "La Recoletta".
67 (imss) San Luisito.
37 Infrastructure and transport edit Avenue in Ciudad Victoria There are 32 urban routes that circulate in the city and nearby ejidos in the surroundings, being mini-buses and buses the most used public transport, a taxi service, and school transport of the main universities, and.
The direct consequences of this form of urban design marked in New Spain the opening to a new way of consolidating a border territory.14 In 1941 the "El Petaqueño" Airport, now called the "General Pedro José Méndez" International Airport, began operations.The open digital terrestrial television signals offered are: xhctvi-DTT Imagen Television, xhcvt-DTT Azteca regalos para niños de 2años didactico Trece and ADN 40, xhcvi-TDT Gala TV, hcdt- DTT Azteca 7, xhtk-DTT Las Estrellas, xhut-TDT Channel 5 and xhvtu-TDT that includes the signals of Multimedia Television, Milenio Televisión, TeleRitmo and 52MX.Almost 59 of the urban roads have some type of paving, where the downtown sector of the city covers 95 of the roads.The street lighting network comprises a total of 29, 100 luminaries (as of October 2016) of which only 10, 800 are in operation, the rest are out of service.A b "Consulta interactiva de datos".4 José de Escandon y Helguera, developed cattle ranching extensively and in a limited way agriculture, since for the most part "temporary" was practiced, and commerce also developed."Archivos de Gobierno de Tamaulipas" (PDF).The state capital has several libraries, among which are: The Adaberto.Güémez to the north, Llera to the south, Casas, municipality to the east, and the municipality.9 Museum of Natural History of Tamaulipas tamux edit The Museum of Natural History of Tamaulipas, also known as "tamux began activities in February 2004, dedicated to scientific dissemination, nature, space and promoting culture in favour of biodiversity.Climate edit Victoria has short mild winters and long hot summers.Two years later, on Wednesday December 25, 1748, José de Escandon and Helguera founded Villa de Llera, part of the Late Colonization of New Santander, named after Santander, the capital of Cantabria, Spain.dgespe : Escuelas Normales : Directorio Escuelas Normales :Benemérita Escuela Normal Federalizada De Tamaulipas Directorio"."normales climatolÓgicas " (PDF) (in Spanish).
In 1962 the Institute of Youth and Women was created, in 1974 it was called the Tamaulipas Institute of Fine Arts.

Archivos de Gobierno de Tamaulipas.Guadalupe Mainero, at the request.Ramiro Iglesias Leal Tamaulipas scientist, from January 30, 1998.A b c d e f "Ciudad Victoria Government Demography" (PDF).9 Tamatán Recreational Park edit The park offers various outdoor activities.The written or printed press is covered by some local and regional media such as: The Journal of Ciudad Victoria, which registered an average circulation of 14,270 daily copies in 2014.As of February 12, 2003, this museum began operations offering visitors a sample of the state's cultural heritage.
Exceptionally heavy rains brought by occasional North Atlantic tropical cyclones also influence the overall climate and precipitation amounts.