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regalar zen al crear pj

Uncover a wealth of mysteries and surprises waiting to be unearthed beneath the landscape, and find others atop.
Youre the god and theyre your playthings.
As you rule over your living, breathing society, a civilization will blossom across your land and offer you their belief.
Create villages and towns, grow their population and sculpt the very lands on descuentos fuerzas militares y policia 2016 which they live.Acerca de este juego, have you ever wanted to play god?Watch them live, learn and love in a fully simulated world.Godus is currently in active cross-platform development for Windows PC, Mac OS and mobile devices where the gameplay experience will evolve and expand over time as we periodically deliver updates for the game.Your ever-gracious population of reactive, living Followers will need you and worship you unconditionally.Cast miracles of both beauty and destruction - choose how to show your divine power, whether that be by growing forests or launching meteors.
As a god, you must use your powers to deal with these pesky people.
Guide your Followers as they embark on regular Voyages to new and undiscovered lands that hold great rewards.

Lead Followers from your Homeworld and set sail on Voyages of Discovery to uncharted lands.Be adored and worshipped by tiny, devoted Followers.Sculpt every inch of an entirely moldable world in the most delightful way.Group your Followers together to create charming villages or thriving towns - specialize these into Building, Farming or Mining communities.Haz clic aquí para verlos.Cards go into your Timeline, which allows you to make advancements within an era and unlock new abilities.Choose various types of stickers to unlock cards that level-up your population's society, technologies and faith.
Come and lead an incredible journey - this delightful, charming world is waiting for you to make it your own.
Godus is brought to you by legendary designer and inventor of the god game genre, Peter Molyneux.

Its also inhabited by the mischievous Astari, who will do everything they can to persuade your Followers to come and join them.
Nurture the growth of a civilization as it rises from the dawn of the primitive age and advances throughout the ages of humanity.