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A temporary contribution on mining activities (oil, gas, coal, and nickel) was created.
En particular, las comunidades de donantes y los centros de investigacion deberian apoyar y fortalecer los esfuerzos actuales por encontrar una vacuna y desarrollar metodos controlados por las mujeres, como los microbicidas vaginales, para impedir la infeccion con el VIH.
Medidas.22 Los gobiernos, las organizaciones no gubernamentales, el sector privado y las comunidades locales, con la asistencia de la comunidad internacional si asi lo solicitan, deberian esforzarse por movilizar recursos y utilizarlos eficazmente para programas de poblacion y desarrollo que amplien y mejoren.The regulated company also needs this information to adjust its own procedures More explicit capital adequacy rules should also relate to the descuento globo net exposure to risks 9 in order to avoid capital regulatory arbitrage between banks-regulated by the Banking Superintendency-and securitization companies-regulated by the.Again taking the case of low-income housing in Ciudadela Desepaz in Cali, regulations established that 15 percent of the total area should be earmarked for community centers, open space, and installations for public telephones, 15 to 20 percent for vehicular streets; 15 to 20 percent.Considerably greater for private than formal sector.Philippines Poland Romania Senegal Turkey Ukraine Uruguay Not included Source Author's calculations Public debt figuLres from Government Finance Statistics Yearbook (IMF 1999) workers by, for example, reducing the length of the period during which the worker receives his or her benefits.This information can in turn be used to design insurance schemes that achieve risk diver- sification across regions and risk smoothing over time.La Comision Principal aplazo para mas adelante el examen ulterior del capitulo (vease el parrafo 23).First, the socioeconomic stratification used as the criterion for targeting subsidies proved to be a poor indicator of income levels such that many recipients are nonpoor households.The impact of these shocks was exacer- bated by two structural issues: increasing economic inequality and inefficiency in public social expenditures.Also, notwithstanding specific provi- sions under Law 134 of 1994 to strengthen citizen participation in local decision- making, there is often less-than-sufficient consultation with and participation of local communities in designing and implementing urban development solutions.Two possible alternatives for institutional design have been identi- fied: (a) transforming the Debt Office into a special administrative unit under the Ministry's structure (following the example of the tax and customs units or (b) cre- ating a separate institute under the Ministry of Finance.The Colombian government, at its various levels, consumes a third of what the country produces.In the area of collecting, actions aimed at refining and updating the catalogue of taxpayers will continue as a key element of the plan At the same time, the procedures to detect taxpayers with overdue tax returnis and payments have to be strengthened.The monopoly in the supply of liquor established by some departments has seriously distorted the liquor market.Deberia promoverse la interaccion entre los usuarios de los datos y los proveedores a fin de que estos puedan satisfacer mejor las necesidades de los usuarios.Malnutrition and infant mortality were significantly reduced.
11.14 Las actuales tecnologias de la informacion, la educacion y la comunicacion, como las redes mundiales interconectadas de transmision de datos, telefono y television, los discos compactos y las nuevas tecnologias multimedios pueden ayudar a salvar las lagunas geograficas, sociales y economicas que hay actualmente.
Gracias a los esfuerzos nacionales e internacionales se ha avanzado mucho en muchas esferas importantes para el bienestar humano.

This problem is also present at more senior levels, also resulting in high management turnover.This contrasts sharply with the widespread lack of access to credit by small farmers in Colombia for the cultivation of other crops.In addition, changes in the legal and regulatory framework have led to the massive restructuring of bank and nonbank financial intermediaries in Colombia, with mergers and liquidations drastically reducing the number of banks, coopera- tives, and other financing companies operating in the country.Recent Evolution of Mortgage Lending.La delegacion de Jordania entiende que el Documento Final, en particular los capitulos IV, V, VI y VII, se aplicaran en el marco de la ley cheramica y de nuestros principios morales, y de conformidad con las leyes que rigen nuestro comportamiento.8.26 Los programas destinados a reducir la morbilidad y mortalidad maternas deberian incluir informacion y servicios de salud reproductiva, incluidos servicios de planificacion de la familia.Total public debt service currently makes up one fourth of the central que regalar para aniversario de 30 años de casado government's expenditures, more than twice the central gov- ernment's investment budget.
Applying this condition to the difference equation given above, yields.

Qualitative deficit 0 households in dwellings that Z can be improved* 932,096.8 921,876.5 -0.8 0 6 Total housing deficit (4) (5) 1,797,895.7 1,811,183.9 1,793, Table.
A parallel SV regulation allows the issuance of mortgage bonds (bonos hipotecarios that is, bonds issued by credit insti- tutions using general mortgage pools as collateral.
En consecuencia expresa su reserva de todas las expresiones tales como "regulacion de la fertilidad o fecundidad "interrupcion del embarazo "salud reproductiva "derechos reproductivos e "hijos no deseados que en una u otra forma, dentro del contexto del Programa de Accion pudieran implicar el aborto.